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With connection to the GSM network you will never have to worry about missing out on important information regarding your cargo. The all-in-one functionality of the MOST device lets the user monitor all external influences during the journey via the frontend or app. Set your alert levels and receive instant information about your cargo.

Most device

MOST comes packed with 5 sensors that can detect location, temperature, humidity, light and shock. It also connects and uploads data upon each opportunity to the internet via a gsm modem to keep you up to date and informed about your cargo. MOST is user friendly and robust for long trips in demanding conditions. 

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For the first time ever, you have the full power of supply-chain monitoring in the palm of your hand. From departure to arrival, MOST provides you with constant access to your shipment’s location, along with real-time updates on temperature, light, humidity and shock. All perfectly accurate thanks to pre-calibrated digital sensors, and all available at the touch of a button – not only to you, but to all your stakeholders. No matter your industry, no matter your cargo, MOST’s multifunctional platform gives you the ability to make better business decisions, ensure the invariably high quality of your goods, and increase your profits.

Logistics chain

Today there is a large demand in world- wide industries to monitor the total supply chain. Numerous industries work with traceability to cater not only for laws and regulations but also to make sure produce is kept safe along its journey from farm to table. The possible savings and quality improvements from a monitoring device like MOST are obvious, where the wireless and continuous transmitting of data is a new opportunity to the industry. The team behind Most has long experience in the Reefer container logistics,  Fruit- and perishable export industry.

Internet of Things

In the year 2020 there will be up to 50 billion things, objects and systems that are communicating via the internet. According to recent studies 71 % of organisations will be using Big Data to develop smart products, solutions and services in a new way. Industrial internet is here to stay and MOST is your partner for excellent execution. Better monitoring solutions increases safety, productivity, preemptiveness and profits at the same time decreasing the human error.

Our team

Erich Hugo

Business Developer

Digital and analogue innovation, retail product development, digitalization for bricks and mortar companies, digital and analogue revenue identification, solution sourcing, hardware sourcing and global distribution.

Love Bergsten


Background in leading positions with international companies in telecom, online marketplaces and service providers. Substantial experience in digital and growth organizations operating in multi markets.

Matilda Bouchet


Marketing and Digital specialist with experience from multiple industries varying from finance, media and retail. Always focusing on innovation with a clear starting point in the consumers wishes and needs.

Jonas Broman


A wide industrial experience from manufacturing and property to early internet in the 90’s. With an international background and a business focus on setting up and restructuring companies.

Johan Granath


IT professional with more than 10 years of experience in managing multidisciplanary projects in major international markets ranging from Asia, Europe and South America.

Peter Jedeur Palmgren

International Sales Director

Long experience in world wide logistics of mainly perishable products, covering all legs from plantation to delivered. Founder of GoReefer – today one of the largest specialisted fruit logistics companies

Nils Tunbjer

Chairman of the Board

International background comprises working as marketing director at Sandvik but also working as strategic consultant with companies like SonyEricsson,Levis, Shell and many other Sweden based companies with an international business.

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