Epic Fruit

Fresh fruit shipment from Cape Town to Genoa

Epic Fruit is a Producer/ Exporter that specializes in the export of fresh fruit.

Located 170km from Cape Town in Robertson, South Africa, Epic Fruit is a producer and exporter that specializes in the export of fresh fruit. They are committed to the very highest standards of quality, ethics and innovation, which makes MOST a natural choice for them. Prior to using our service they’d had some problems with shipments where fruit had arrived damaged and trying to find the data loggers to prove their case was almost always an issue. The data logger was often missing and could not be connected to a computer to withdraw the data, leaving Epic Fruit without the vital information regarding when and where the damage had taken place. When the company began to use MOST, however, they were constantly able to get the whole picture of events when and where they happened. In one instance the company got alerts when their container was still standing in Cape Town’s harbour, as the temperature had gone over the set thresholds. With this real-time information they could contact their insurance company to discuss what to do with the container:  should they put it on a boat or try to sell the goods in South Africa instead? Feeling assured by the data from the MOST service, the insurance company recommended putting the container on the boat to Genoa.



Truck transports to and from Turkey, focus on theft control

Lokmanoglu –Specialized in Shipping, chartering, and forwarding

Lokmanoglu is a company that specializes in shipping, chartering and forwarding. Many of their transports are in-land on trucks carrying valuable cargo such as cigarettes. The trips are short and usually across different borders. Using MOST they can now follow their cargos position in real-time, see if temperature and/or humidity has damaged their goods and with the combination of the light and shock sensor get reliable indication if the doors of the vehicle has been opened. Being able to be proactive has been a big contribution to their business.