MOST is a part of the solution

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Watching this video from The Food and Agricultural Organisation of UN makes us want to work even harder on being part of the solution for a more sustainable logistic chain.

According to FAO approximately 30 procent of produced food is lost or wasted each year. This sums up to 1.3 billon tons of food that due to business considerations, technological issues and human behavior does not reach its intended consumer. Producing food causes greenhouse gases and if the food isn’t eaten it has a larger impact on the environment.

There is an urgent need for policies that incentivize investment, technology and improved data according to FAO. Working together we can reduce food loss and waste.  MOST being a part of the solution, helping our customers achieve sustainable logistics,  is a major driving force for us.

MOST launches reuse model

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Since our launch in August this year, clients have been asking for a way to reuse the MOST service multiple times.

We are therefore happy to announce our latest update, which is our reuse/subscription model. This lets customers subscribe to our services for a 3-, 6- or 12-month period, during which they can use the service as much as they want, thereby cutting costs dramatically. This development has been welcomed with open arms in the market and we are looking forward to seeing more and more clients adopt this way of working.